Of the thousand-some pieces Revland has designed and created over the past fifty years, few have made it to the “Signature” status platform. Those that have were limited editions and have since been retired. All current Signature Series pieces are numbered, dated, and signed, and come with a letter of authenticity.


The Strinden Hill Chair

One of Revland’s earliest high back chair designs, the original “Strinden Hill” foyer chair, was first created in 1984.

It has always been portrayed as a sculptural conversation piece, with its solid wood, highly figured back narrowing from bottom to top. Sleek, modern, and whimsical.

A Revland trademark.

Numbered, signed, and dated.


The Revland Signature Chair

The original Revland “Signature” Chair was designed and created in 1988.

Revland was featured creating one on HGTV’s “Modern Masters” series in 1999. There was a limited edition of 75 attached to the original design. The 75th chair was sold in 2010, at which time the jigs and templates were destroyed, and the chair was retired.

Due to popular demand, Revland created this revised “Signature” Chair in 2018. Its unique, solid, one-piece slatted back fans out on top and is narrow at the bottom, creating a stunning array of shadows and angles that capture natural light at its best, and seems to change its appearance throughout the day.

Again, portrayed as a sculptural conversation piece. Perfect for foyer or sunroom.

Classic Revland.

Numbered, signed, and dated.


The Revland High Back Chair

Revland’s most recent chair design added to his “Signature” Series.

The “Revland High Back” was designed on a napkin at his favorite restaurant while enjoying his chicken parmigiana.


Classically modern.

Yet functional.

Crafted in Acacia, also available in other wood species. 

Modern Revland.

Numbered, signed, and dated.