I am officially the proud owner of a Steve Revland table ― I am OVER THE MOON excited!

― Sara Owens Granger

Steve's artistry with wood is perhaps best represented in the pictures he posts. However his ability to see the potential in a piece of wood is a product of his own artistic eye and years of experience.

― Bill Thompson

You have such a great touch at bringing out the beauty and spirit of the wood.

― Richard Peterson

Beautiful quality unique pieces made by a true artisan.

― Donita Kaspari

I come from a family of master carpenters and builders and can see the quality.

― Gail Coplin

Wood work and more done well. An artisan and a crafter.

― Christopher A. Smith

Steve is a master designer, builder, artist ...

― John Runsvold

We have worked with Steve over the last year and we are blown away by his eye for detail and highly gifted craftsmanship!

― Stevie Brown