Each one unique.

The organically-shaped wood slab will dictate.

The water or ice will define.

It’s that simple.


Bergen Shore

This exquisite design is Revland’s smallest dining table offering, measuring 72” by 38”.

The main focal point is a three-quarter-size exotic Burl embedded in white opaque epoxy, depicting the icy shores of Norway.

All of Revland’s dining tables are inspired by locations in Norway, home of his ancestors, who practiced their woodworking craft in the mid 1800's.

This is a Revland favorite. Solid and concise.

Signed and dated. $15,000


Lillehammer Bay

This design has a more continuous shoreline, incorporating a hand-selected live edge specimen to complete that task. At 96” by 40”, this offering by Revland will seat up to 10.

Each tabletop is like a snowflake, allowing the organic nature of the highly-figured wood slab to dictate the bird's-eye view, with the epoxy defining not only the shoreline, but the leading edge as well.

An absolute masterpiece.

Signed and dated. $20,000



The “Sognefjord” dining table has a profound effect on Revland as the fjord is close to where his ancestors lived and worked more than 170 years ago. Located in Vestland County in Southwestern Norway, Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in the country.

The Sognefjord dining table consists of two matching highly-figured wood rounds placed in opposite corners of the surface. The fjord portion surrounds these beautiful, organic wood specimens with an ancestral embrace, bringing Revland much joy. Measuring 84” by 38", it will seat 8 comfortably. 

Modern, yet elegant. Probably some of his best work.

Signed and dated. $20,000


Trondheim Bay

This is the largest offering by Revland at 9 to 10 feet in length and 40” wide. It also has more wood surface than water feature. [Also makes for a great conference table.]

Revland will always seek out some of the finest highly-figured wood for the top surface as well as its leg assembly. Only the finest cuts of the domestic log. Seats 10 to 12 depending on length.

Bland is not in his vocabulary.

Signed and dated. $22,500 to $25,000