Simply Revland 2.0

Welcome to “simply revland” 2023! It’s been a few months since my memoir simply revland was released, a 68-year detailed journey into the abyss, (according to some of my friendly antagonists), but for all the challenges an individual endures during a lifetime, one’s goal is to always come out ahead on the other side. Is it not?

I hope I have done that, and as you get to know me on a more personal basis, my hope is that you get a chance to read my magnum opus. The subtitle of the book, “how to succeed in life despite yourself,” pretty much sums it up. After a 50-year career as a furniture maker, I have miraculously made it to the age of 70 with all of my fingers and thumbs intact. Knock on wood.

Going forward

As the rest of this website is appropriately written in third person, here you will get a first-person rendition directly from the artist’s lips. Every Sunday evening, as I prepare my list for the week, I will sit down with my iPhone and tell it like it is … presumptuously doling out unsolicited advice, tall woodworking tales from the previous week, memories from the past, and perhaps a good share of admissions and or apologies, if needed.

Tell the truth. It’s much easier to keep track of.

-Cletis Revland

Dad always taught me to tell the truth, as it’s much easier to keep track of.

Expect, on occasion, a dash of subtle humility as I am so lucky to be alive. Seriously. Despite everything I have been through, mostly brought on by yours truly, I have led a charmed life. Right place at the right time. Hope you join me every Sunday evening.

Peace and love.